(engl.) to boot [buːt] sth. – hoch­fahr­en, jmd./etw. ein­en Kick ge­ben, jmd./etw. be­reich­ern.

Un­ser Na­me ist Pro­gramm! Bei boot.AI wer­den AI-Pro­duk­te hoch­ge­fahr­en, Visionen bekommen bei uns den nötigen Kick zum Starten – im­mer mit dem Ziel, Organisationen und ihre Menschen zu be­reic­hern.

ready to boot AI?




The Seed Project is an initiative for engaging in an open debate about a future society driven by AI. On our path, as the human race progressed, we hit a cornerstone in our technological development and once again we are faced with important decisions ahead. How do we want our society to look like in the near future when AI is going to be present in every minute of our lives. This isn’t a matter of choice, this transition to an AI driven society is going to happen whether we like it or not. But the way we are going to engage with AI is still up for debate and there’s still time to decide on what kind of interaction we’d like to have with it.

This is what we want to explore. Here at boot.AI we believe that going back to nature, uncluttering the city, changing the mindset of how we think about society, economics and even politics to become a truly free community in which people have time to devote to their loved ones and hobbies, being more than just a cog in the machine is where we should aim for our immediate future. It is true that we have made great advances in this regard especially in the western cultures, but at the greater scale this is still very much problematic.

We start here with an illustrated example of a tiny self-sustained mini-neighborhood (which you can see at the top of the page) where AI and latest technologies are part of our daily lives, featuring a playground, beauty gardens, a greenhouse garden and power generators based on renewable energy, as well as a pond for recreation. This is of course just an illustration, but we have to start from somewhere and we believe that illustrations have the ability to refine ideas into real-life working concepts which could potentially be implemented.

We haven’t ventured too much into a highly technological future here, just exploring ideas that are very much possible today, this is a theme we’d like to keep going as this project focuses on ideas that can be put in practice. Help us figure out a better future for all of us! Let us plant the Seeds for a better future together!

A Word About The Illustrations

All of these illustrations are and will be produced with FOSS tools such as Krita, Blender, Inkscape, Natron. We believe the philosophy of FOSS projects is very much in line with the world we’d like to explore and with the Seed initiative there’a a possibility of preparing an advanced illustration course using tools that are available for everyone to use for free. This secondary objective of the Seed project will be to venture into showing that these tools can compete on equal grounds with the industry standard software.

The above neighborhood-garden illustration was produced with Krita and Blender (for creating a simple 3D object to placeme easier the wind power generator as it’s one of the more complex constructions having the bent propellers). The following GIF process should give an idea of how the illustration was produced.