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Our 3 specialities of the house


Baseline situation: A law firm advises clients on their contracts. But since the legal situation changes regularly, a large number of court websites had to be read every day. In addition, the contract pool at hand was unclear and there was a certain legal uncertainty for clients.

Then came boot.AI and mixed the ingredients

into a software that automatically indicates whether existing contracts are affected by a change in the law and are therefore no longer legally compliant. This is because the software extracts up-to-date judgements on a daily basis. This made the contract pool clearer. Contracts could be created within 120 seconds. Furthermore, the law firm was able to record a greatly increased legal certainty as well as consulting quality in real time.


Baseline Situation: In the case of wind turbines, a costly mandatory inspection must be carried out every two years at the risk of life and limb of employees.

Then boot.AI got from the computer vision cabinet the ingredients

and completed this with

which means that the wind turbines can now be safely inspected using special cameras. With a cost reduction of up to 95 %. And the guarantee of continuous power generation during the inspection.


Baseline situation: A company with subjective quality assurance and no insight into the processes records 49 % successful products.

boot.AI combined the computer vision ingredients

with the NLP components

and spiced everything up with

This increased the success rate to 95 % – saving 5 million euros per plant per year.

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