Once upon a time…

boot.AI is the grown-up passion of two friends who have been doing nothing but developing algorithms for 12 years. Maybe they also went for a little ride in the alpine waters. These two friends are Son Pham and Florian Schild, who met in their studies “Engineering Mathematics” at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich. And then at night they did their programming tasks together. With a daylight lamp. At night it’s just much more quiet. But they never went to lectures – at some point enough is enough.

Florian Schild

“What you do in the dark is what puts you in the light.”


  • Built self-optimizing Carrera cars and click bots as a teenager.
  • His special academic achievements in the course of his thesis were awarded by the Society for Operations Research.
  • Gained practical insights into AI research and leadership responsibility for 120 people as an officer in the German Air Force.
  • Worked at the Institute for Corporate Technology Siemens – besides his profession and studies.
  • Participated in the Entrepreneurship Program of the LMU Munich.
  • Was a member of Stanford University’s exclusive Technical Entrepreneurship Program with internationally renowned Silicon Valley founders as mentors (such as Peter Thiel).
  • Participated in start-ups in Stanford, Munich and Düsseldorf.
  • Supported Düsseldorf’s start-up scene by initiating the start-up weekend Düsseldorf with more than 300 visitors.
  • His participation in the start-up ShopCo earned him his first international patent. The patent in the field of e-commerce was acquired by Klarna-Bank in 2018.
  • Is co-founder of the German Association for Artificial Intelligence.
  • Published with the philosopher and universal thinker Leon Tsvasman the book “AI-Thinking: Dialogue of a Thought Leader and a Practitioner on the Importance of Artificial Intelligence”.

Son Pham

“In God we trust, all others bring data.”

William Edwards Deming

  • Is a technical consultant at VOICE – Bundesverband der IT Anwender e.V.
  • Is a research associate at the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, Mathematics and Operation Research at the Bundeswehr University Munich.
  • Is doing his doctorate within COMESSTA on predictive analytics – analysis of time series.
  • Was a lecturer at the Department of Information Security (Faculty of Information Technology) at the Le Quy Don Technical University in Hanoi on information security, computer security and artificial intelligence for computer security.
  • Supported the city of Hanoi with the design of the IT infrastructure as well as a cost calculation in the development of a bus rapid transit system (BRT).
  • Was a lecturer at the Department of Computer Network (Faculty of Information Security) at the Le Quy Don Technical University in Hanoi on computer networks, data communication and network programming.
  • His involvement as an AI developer in the start-up ShopCo through website classification and information extraction using machine learning earned him his first international patent. The patent was acquired by Klarna Bank in 2018.
  • Participated in an IT security training at the SBA Research Research Institute on Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), malware defense, digital forensics, mobile securityand penetration testing inVienna.
  • Participated in another IT security training. This time from the ICZ Group in Prague. With topics of network security and traffic analysis, specific security on infrastructure devices, information security management, practical security and botnet analysis.