Artificial Intelligence

12 years of research and developing application-oriented AI products and intelligent business models

Jack of all trades devAIce: from Automation over Free time to Zeitgeist (AI in a box)

Not only are we data scientists, AI-engineers and geeks, but people with sound knowledge of mathematics, physics, computer science, electrical engineering and aerospace technology. We go where it is loud and dirty. We understand hardware, electrical circuit diagrams and business.

With creative solutions boot.AI brings potential and new opportunities to companies. By developing customized systems, products and business models boot.AI contributes to the digital advancement of companies that value traditions. And thus also to outstanding quality, time-saving solutions and better working conditions – regardless of the industry or field in which the company or organization is located.

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Dive into the world of apparent hocus-pocus with other top executives. We offer a training for executives in which everyone acquires AI enlightenment. Or at least recognizes where AI is already used productively and profitably and how companies with automated processes set themselves off from the competition compared to traditional processes. Become an early adopter for a new management culture in times of DIGITAL MADNESS. TRANSFORMATION, of course.