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MODULAR, NETWORKED und applicable

Through our interdisciplinary background including computer science, mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, statistics and psychology, we understand hardware, electrical circuit diagrams and the functioning of machines. And business talk. We at boot.AI are multi-perspectival. We work with technologies like Augmented Reality and 5G and build the right building blocks into smart product sets. Above all, in addition to our many years of AI expertise, we have the ability to think our way into your problems and develop tailor-made products and business models for you. We think along with you. No matter your industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence means fully automated solutions – the machines and systems do all the work themselves.

Augmented Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence means semi-automated solutions – the machines and systems support people in solving their problems.

A snippet:
AI combined with Imaging

Examples of our Team BILD (Computer Vision)

Road traffic analysis

Filters for abstraction and simplification of reality enable statistics and analyses by focusing on the essentials.


  • Images from a standard 4K video camera
  • Unclear traffic situation
  • Missing statistics

After boot.AI

  • Counting cars, people, etc.
  • Detection of road damage
  • Tree analysis
  • Identification of parking offenders

Security through drone defense

Airports, football stadiums or buildings: Airborne threats from drones must be detected and fended off. Due to the technical possibilities, drones represent a real danger, as they can transport poison into stadiums or damage the ability to fly of aircrafts at airports.


  • Deficit and inadequate drone detection by the naked eye due to natural limitations such as distance, weather conditions, visibility obstructing trees or clouds.

After boot.AI

  • The used infrared cameras allow drones to be detected even in darkness and through clouds.
  • Passive systems avoid outsmarting by drones in active radar systems.

Autonomous Driving

Visual information is perceived, interpreted and corresponding actions are derived. We developed this self-driving robot during our first hackathon in Hanoi.


Mere hardware components:

  • Camera Logitech C270
  • Transmitter-receiver
  • Engine RB03
  • Computing Device Jetson TX2

After boot.AI

  • Recognizing and following correct traffic signs
  • Recognizing and not following incorrect traffic signs
  • Recognizing and following the road course

Used modules

Motion Detection

From automatic doors or hand dryers to intrusion protection by triggering an alarm.


  • Commercially available camera for the office

After boot.AI

  • Differentiation between employees and visitors in the office with simultaneous anonymization of the person
  • Alarm for unannounced persons
  • Refusal of access for unannounced persons
  • Functionality of motion detection even in darkness

Used modules


Whether still or moving image

… all image, video and stream formats can be connected to the AI and be processed.

Whether one camera or 1.000.000 

… Single, studio and multi-perspective images of a dynamic situation, such as when all cameras in a pedestrian zone are connected, can be connected to the AI and processed.


No matter which electronic camera technology you use

Digital cameras, infrared cameras for heat detection or LIDAR for optimum distance measurement can be connected to the AI and processed.



Create, modify, combine, secure, hide, activate and deactivate your modules and services as you need them. Use your image processing module for yourself or share it with the whole world.


Whether on-premises on your own hardware, as edge computing in the secure company network or as a cloud solution (software as a service) for your customers worldwide.


Whether as support or replacement for human work – AI brings immediate added value to your processes.


Through the combination of the collected practical experiences with current scientific research results and the research.boot.AI findings of the in-house research.


Regardless of whether it is about the number of users, applications or devices.


Whether on a single device with a UNIX system, as a container-based micro service or as software as a service.

Even more concentrated software by TEAMS WITH FOCUS


Natural Language Processing

Our WORT team takes care of everything to do with the mechanical processing of natural language.


Computer Vision

Our BILD team takes care of everything to do with machine vision. With the help of cameras, image-based data can be interpreted and analyzed.


Sensor Data Analytics

Our ZEIT team takes care of the analysis of highly dynamic (sensor) data for the recognition of events.

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