Digital power ahead!

Glide on technology instead of getting caught up in it.

12 years of research and development of intelligent software and systems – under one Deck.

By developing intelligent systems and software boot.AI contributes to the digital evolution of companies that value traditions. Built on the sound knowledge of mathematics, physics, computer science, electrical engineering and aerospace technology boot.AI takes companies and organizations to excellent quality and closer to reaching their full potential – regardless of their field or line of business.

Clear to the start:

Achieve added value

There are unlimited possibilities of applying the multidisciplinary knowledge of boot.AI, although it is mainly about the B2B-support of companies in improving their competitive position through higher reaction speed, technological lead and error reduction as well as releasing resources by making work easier.

Reduced workload

Through Natural Language Processing, boot.AI has implemented software for a law firm that automatically indicates whether existing contracts are affected by a change in the law and may therefore no longer be legally compliant. While a large number of court websites had to be read daily before working with boot.AI, the existing contract pool was confusing, there was a certain legal uncertainty for clients, and thus the advice of clients was sub-optimal. After working with boot.AI, these were automatically updated daily extracted, was thus a clear contract pool and the law firm was able to record a greatly increased legal certainty and quality advice in real time.


Reaction speed

Wind turbines have to be inspected every two years at great expense and at the risk of the lives of those inspecting them. By using the approach of boot.AI they can be continuously and safely inspected by special cameras through computer vision – reducing costs by up to 95 % and guarantying continuous electricity generation during the inspection.

Error reduction

Before working with boot.AI a company working with subjective quality assurance and missing insights into the processes achieved 49 % of successful products. After working with boot.AI this rate in production increased to 95 % – due to setting up and interfacing sensors with the machines as well as using their data through mathematical modelling, whereby 5 million euros were saved per year and plant.

1+1=3, how is that possible?

As young officers, Son Pham and Florian Schild 2007 studied mathematical modeling and programming at the University of the Bundeswehr. While Pham went deeper into research and education, Schild focused on building and supporting tech startups and innovative business models. Today, they combine research and practice. Together they realize corporate visions – with more than artificial intelligence.

Beautiful new world – with heart, hand and mind.

As co-founder and member of the Federal Association of Artificial Intelligence in Germany boot.AI promotes a people-centered use of AI-technologies that is beneficial to mankind. Together with the philosopher Leon Tsvasman, Florian Schild published the socially critical book “AI-Thinking”. We believe that the technical development must not be our sole aim. The people using these technologies have to grow with them in regard to their soft skills, sense of responsibility and their own personality.