to boot [buːt] sth. – start up, give sb./sth. a kick, enrich sb./sth.

Our name is program! At boot.AI, AI-products are booted up , visions get the necessary kick to start always with the aim to enrich organizations and their people.

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A new model to create AI-products.

We work with companies to transform the best ideas into industry leading technology products.

What is being done?

boot.AI is the swiss-army-knife of AI adventures. We conceptualize, build and form bespoke AI-products, solve the hardest cognitive science problems and help you retain customers by rigorous validation and adaption. We bring the experience needed to build mission critical systems for real-life deployment. We also cover process and system integration, robust and safety, hardening, efficiency, efficacy, sustainability, international patenting and any questions on information technology law. In order for us to succeed together, we put forth all the AI founding and economical know-how we have.

Feasibility analysis

Concept validation

AI Engineering

Mathematical modeling

AI System design

AI research and Development



Visual & UX Design


Team Building

Creative solutions

How is it done?

Building an AI product is hard. Real hard. It requires specialized knowledge, tight planning, social resonance, flawless execution, perfect timing, a bit of luck as well as reality bending ideas and limitless creativity. Our team uses a very distinctive model to develop, validate and fine tune new AI products.

Here‘s how:

01 – Idea

We invite you to come share your ideas, visions and wildest technological dreams with us.

This allows you to get know us and gives us the opportunity to deeply understand your field. We combine your visions with our expansive understanding and experience to develop a direction that we could move toward together.


Lots of ideas sound great. Nine out of ten ultimately aren’t.

We turn every idea inside out. We test the technical practicality, demand and market dynamics, the business Modell and the economics, sustainability and much more.


If we decide to go forward together, we will move fast.

We think the idea will fly. Our team of engineers, developers, scientists and founders will turn your validated concept into a real product.


High profile products need high profile talent and Ressources.

Our spinout-process is the fastest possible way we‘ve ever heard of, to get a company off the ground, intelligently staffed and, if needed, in front of the right investors.


We make sure the technology grows with you.

The ability to stay focused is crucial for any company. So that you can stay on top of your daily operations, our dev team has your back for any technological questions: Identifiying talent, upholding security and creatively solving any IT, data or legal issues.

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